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Tiffany & Co. Releases a Collection in Tribute to their Iconic New York Flagship

Tiffany & Co. Releases a Collection in Tribute to their Iconic New York Flagship

There are few things more synonymous with New York City than the Tiffany & Co. flagship: the American jeweler’s iconic Cross & Cross–designed home at the corner of 57th Street and Fifth Avenue, where it has resided since 1940. Lesser known, however, is the fact that the building’s eight-foot-tall statue of the Greek mythological figure Atlas—shouldering the clock that graces its west façade—predates the location by nearly 100 years. Commissioned by Charles Lewis Tiffany from Henry Frederick Metzler, an artisan friend who crafted ship figureheads, the wooden statue (painted to resemble bronze) was initially mounted above the entrance to Tiffany’s third store, at 550 Broadway, and traveled flagship to flagship thereafter. While we don’t anticipate his making moves anytime soon—OMA, the architecture firm cofounded by Rem Koolhaas, is currently undertaking a renovation and addition of the Fifth Avenue store—Tiffany is adding to his folklore with the new Atlas X suite of jewelry crafted from precious metals and inspired by the Roman numerals on the legendary clock. (Shown here are the Atlas X circle pendant and rings in rose gold with pavé diamonds.) The collection’s arresting angles perfectly capture the strength, endurance, and sparkle of the beloved Manhattan skyline from whence it was born. tiffany.com —Jane Keltner de Valle

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