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The Best Clever Home Tours of 2020

The Best Clever Home Tours of 2020

Although Isabella Boylston, the award-winning principal ballet dancer, says her 1,500-square-foot space still feels like a work in progress, she’s enjoyed the process of putting her home together with husband, Daniel Shin. “Dan is the interior-decorating guru,” she says. Dan replies, “My mom has always been a really good interior decorator. I get it all from her. Except for the middle room—the middle room is probably more my dad.”

Molly and Henry at home in Brooklyn.

In her Brooklyn apartment, actor Molly Bernard let a piece of statement artwork by friend and fellow Clever home tour subject Ethan Cook guide her color palette and furnishing choices. “He brought it over the day I moved in,” Molly says, “and that ended up informing the design of the whole room.”

“Natural light in itself is a form of art and we view our place as a way to study it,” adds Charlie. “In the winter, the light comes through the windows differently than it does during the summer. When you study light, you realize that there are many ways for light to get from point A to point B and each way has a subtly different outcome.”

Minimalism requires meticulousness. It’s a mindset photographer Charlie Schuck and prop stylist Natasha Felker have mastered in their Brooklyn brownstone, where their curated possessions meet a clean palette awash in natural light. “If there’s something we fall in love with, we first look to see if it can be found used, at a discount, or for a trade,” Charlie says. “If not, then we buy or commission the piece to be constructed.”

Wood and leather chairs by Heaps & Woods create an immediate warmth in the living room. Robert Rauschenberg’s Storyline II lithograph, one of Juan’s most prized prints, brings the room together with vibrant hues and a buoyant mood.

Juan Moreno Lopéz-Calull is the founder and designer at John Brown Projects, a Barcelona-based interior design firm and art consultancy. As a 28-year-old city dweller, Juan had the luxury of creating a space catered exclusively to his own needs and vision. Upon securing the apartment, he excitedly imagined it as a canvas to showcase the artists he champions professionally, a platform to articulate his team’s mission and capabilities, and an opportunity to tell his story. The outcome is a home that exists as a living, breathing testament to Juan’s very personal aesthetic ideals, passions, and philosophies.

Why not have a gumball machine in your foyer, like the one seen here?

In 2017 candy store co-owner Alan Ledford purchased this exquisite 1890 Victorian, which is full of sweet surprises. Its innately adorned exterior, period molding, and original brickwork are just some of the things that initially drew him to the 3,000-square-foot condo in San Francisco. 

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