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Step Inside Simon Miller’s Creative Director’s L.A. Home

Step Inside Simon Miller’s Creative Director’s L.A. Home

“I decided at Great Jones Cafe,” says Chelsea Hansford, creative director of Simon Miller, recounting her move from New York to Los Angeles. It was perfect timing for Chelsea, during what she felt was a major wave of New Yorkers headed to sunny California. “I just decided to move and two weeks later I packed up and left.” Now, three years in, she’s not only convinced her mother and sister to move out to the West Coast but has also given her new town the greatest stamp of approval: purchasing a home there…in the middle of a pandemic.

Decorative wood panels passed down from her parents peek out from behind the front door to Chelsea Hansford’s Studio City home. 

After living predominantly in the West Hollywood area, the creative director heard whispers of a quiet group of streets off Laurel Canyon Boulevard. Nestled in the heart of Studio City—the trendy Los Angeles neighborhood that has done a remarkable job of remaining fairly private—a 1960s home caught Chelsea’s eye. Combining the ideal mix of old Hollywood Regency and Palm Springs flair, the open-floor-plan space called for few, if any, renovations. 

Vintage is the name of the game in the kitchen. Glasses and vases pulled from thrift shops in Palm Springs line the countertop. And while most homeowners find themselves itching to undergo a full kitchen reno, Chelsea chose the road less traveled and stuck with the charming 1960s tile, cabinetry, and lighting.  

With a number of original features remaining, such as the perfectly aged wood kitchen cabinets and picturesque windows, the home appeared to be as good as new. And in fact, it pretty much was. In true L.A. fashion, it took only a few nips and tucks, and it was ready to be filled with auction-house finds and gifted knickknacks.

A terra-cotta vase carried home from a trip to Tel Aviv sits neatly in Chelsea’s main bath. Luckily for her, the home’s original tiles and fixtures have stood the test of time. 

Piled high with Simon Miller favorites like the Blackout Platform shoes and the Puffin handbag, Chelsea’s closet would make any fashion lover drool.

After designing the home herself, Chelsea tapped her longtime friend Lisa Jones of A Good Chair interiors in London to help scour auction houses for the perfect pieces. “It’s a curation of my lifestyle,” she comments of the vintage pieces and spunky accents scattered neatly throughout the home. “I had a very particular aesthetic in mind, especially with the color palette and shapes,” the fashion insider notes. “It’s a complete crossover from the clothes, the brand, and the collaborations.” 

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