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Should You Be Living in a Hotel?

Should You Be Living in a Hotel?

Salvador Dalí at the St. Regis New York. Howard Hughes at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Robert de Niro at Chateau Marmont. Celebrities have long taken up official and unofficial residence at hotels. But now, thanks to some of the discounted long-term rates and home-away-from-home packages that have emerged during the pandemic, living at large is no longer reserved for A-listers. In fact, for those craving a more nomadic lifestyle, it may be more realistic than you think. (If you’re used to forking over rent in Manhattan, you might even save a few bucks.) Here, we suggest seven properties across the globe that offer long-term accommodations with COVID-safe protocols and tell you the ins and outs of booking your stay (like, do you need to schedule a COVID test?).

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