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Midcentury and Tropical Vibes Meet in This Barcelona Home

Midcentury and Tropical Vibes Meet in This Barcelona Home

“We are inspired by nature, and we create interiors that bring us closer to it,” Noé says. The concept for this project was no exception. It reflects the balance of nature and its colors through the different rooms, with blue as a symbol of water and green evoking flora and fauna, filling every space with life while providing a sense of calm and well-being.

Noé played with materials like wood and Venato marble, and combined them with fresh hues, midcentury elements, and exotic touches like the Ananbô wallpapers with tropical motifs. Curved shapes bring femininity, exemplified in the Noé Prades Studio–designed arch-shaped doors in oak.

In the dining room, the Coco chairs by Gubi surround the Volà table designed by Noé Prades Studio with a Pholc light fixture hanging above it.

The tropical wallpaper by Ananbô contrasts with the wooden doors by Noé Prades Studio.

“We transformed and adapted the apartment to create an oasis where you can disconnect from the city hustle and bustle,” the interior designer shares. New carpentry and furniture were also part of the makeover, all of which were based on the ideas of “light, color, and rhythm” according to Noé.

Visually bold, the bathrooms are filled with color—blue in one (where a wicker mirror adds texture) and pink in the primary (where Noé designed two midcentury-inspired mirrors with a wall lamp by Nuura between them to highlight their curved corners). Geometric tiles adorn the walls for a dynamic, contemporary, and surprising look.

 In the blue bathroom, the geometric tiles were made to measure and contrast with the curved mirror by Kave Home.

In the pink bathroom, the lighting is by Nuura, the sinks are by Bathco, the tiles are bespoke, and the mirrors were designed by Noé Prades Studio.

The last part of the apartment houses the made-to-measure kitchen decorated with green hues to contrast with wood details. Elegant and relaxed at the same time, the space features Venato marble, a material used in some pieces of furniture in the dining room (including the Volà table designed by Noé Prades Studio) and the living area, helping to unify the whole space.

BEFORE: Through the transformation of this apartment, a terrace—accessible from the main living area—was created.

AFTER: Noé Prades Studio designed all the pieces of furniture in the kitchen, where the home appliances are by SMEG.

The green color was part of the original kitchen and one of the only elements that was kept from the previous iteration of the home.

“The atmosphere is fresh without forgetting about warmth,” Noé says. “We strove to design a space that protects its inhabitants with colors and forms that honor nature.”

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