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Forget Color of the Year, Here Are the Plant and Flower of the Year

Forget Color of the Year, Here Are the Plant and Flower of the Year

Every year when Pantone announces the next Color(s) of the Year, the internet goes wild. Every paint brand or light fixture company is ready with their Pantone-hued products. This year, 1-800-Flowers.com has added its name to the year-end fervor, but with its own thing—the 2021 Flower and Plant of the Year.

Of course we love the opportunity to buy more plants, so we’re on board. Emblematic of hope for the new year, the cheerful sunflower and peaceful Red Maranta Prayer Plant are the company’s picks. “Chosen for their symbolism of happiness and gratitude, the sunflower—standing tall and radiating joy—and the Red Maranta Prayer Plant—with leaves that fold like hands in thankfulness—encourage customers to connect with others and make the most of life’s special moments,” says the press release. Let’s all add as much happy radiance and thankfulness to 2021.

If you want more info on your new plants, be sure to check out the new blog series detailing tips and the history of the sunflower and prayer plant. Or if you want to add the positive flora to your Zoom background, 1-800-Flowers has got you, too.

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