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Candace Marie Crafted a Calm and Soothing Apartment Full of Black Art

Candace Marie Crafted a Calm and Soothing Apartment Full of Black Art

Whether it came to the apartment’s specifically curated design, its carefully partitioned sleep/work/living areas, or its location in the Financial District, Candace worked hard to get exactly what she wanted. “I’m at a point in my career, too, when I’m like okay, these are the things that I want, and I’m giving them to myself. Because I’ve literally worked my butt off and these are the checkboxes.” It paid off. 

Although Candace is happy with the way the place came together—and so is her handyman, who gives her compliments every time he visits—she would be hesitant to repeat the process. “I have to say. After this I was like, now I realize why people invest in an interior designer,” Candace says. “Next time I’m gonna find me a Black interior designer. Which at some point I almost hired because I was like, I can’t do this anymore.”  

But until then, this place does the trick. Candace considers her home a safe haven and values the way it exudes calm and serenity during such a time of global upheaval. One aha moment to this effect came after a summer trip upstate. “Coming back I was like, ahhh, I miss this place! That’s the feeling I want to have when I walk into my doors. Like I’m happy to be home. And it feels like home too.”

In the living room you’ll find CB2’s Curvo snow sofa, accessorized with a knot pillow from Etsy. The beacon brass floor lamp is from Article, and the framed shot above the sofa was taken by Christopher Tomas. 

At the center of Candace’s table are a pair of black and white vases from Crate and Barrel, containing dried flowers from Raven Rose and Afloral (respectively). Between the vases is the SANTAL 26 candle from Le Labo.

⚒ Do It Yourself

Use your (vertical) space. In addition to lofting her bed, Candace has found other creative uses for the vertical space in her studio. For example, she’s tucked away the luggage she is not using during the pandemic above her washer-dryer unit. “I’m still finding nooks in my apartment,” Candace says. “I feel like I’m still discovering places and how to make sense of the place.”

Don’t forget the little things. Candace discovered a way to glam up even the air ventilator in her living room, changing the dirt-brown color to a chic white that fit the aesthetic of the rest of her home. “This seems so small but it made such a huge difference. I just used marble contact paper around it. And it literally instantly changed that look,” she says. 

Shop Black. Candace recommends following Black Owned Everything on Instagram, because they strategically curate Black items, making it easy to discover new artists and designers. “It’s easier to go to Amazon. It is easier. Because one quick click, and then you get it in a few days if not the next day,” she admits. “But it’s worth it to invest the time and find certain businesses because they will be ones you go back to for a lifetime.”

🛍 Shop It Out

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Edge Brass Arch Floor Mirror from Crate and Barrel, $499, crateandbarrel.com

Ramona candle from Hometown Collective, $50, ahometowncollective.com

Cracked Plaster Wallpaper in Gold from Burke Decor, $125, burkedecor.com

Weave Natural Floor Lamp from Crate and Barrel, $199, crateandbarrel.com

Primitive Vessel Print from Crate and Barrel, $800, crateandbarrel.com

Amber & Moss candle from P.F. Candle Co, $20, pfcandleco.com

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