Is This the World’s New Most Expensive Art Piece?

Natty Light, beloved cheap beer of choice for college students everywhere, possesses far more heart and soul than one might expect. Last week, Natural Light Beer unveiled a large-scale project that evidences a depth of compassion for its customer base, a burgeoning advocacy streak, and a full-fledged understanding of not only art history, but also the important role architectural landmarks play […]

Lucas Interiors Embraces Color to Modernize Palm Springs Spanish Revival Home

This 5,000-square-foot Spanish Mission Revival residence in Palm Springs, California, which sits at the foothills of the San Jacinto mountains, was renovated by siblings David and Suzie Lucas of Lucas Interior. Along with reorganizing the layout and connecting indoor and outdoor spaces in a more cohesive way, they opened up perimeter walls, added floor-to-ceiling glass pivot doors, and incorporated timber […]

How to Become the Leader You’ve Always Wanted to Be in 2021

Without question, it has been a challenging year. As far as the workforce goes, employees everywhere have had to adapt to a new normal, and the design world is no exception. “From managing supply chain challenges, to designing with a socially distanced workforce, to incorporating new innovations like smart technology and antimicrobial materials, the focus and approach for projects shifted […]

The Case for Bringing Table Lamps Into the Kitchen

When you’re thinking of kitchen lighting, the standard specs likely come to mind—a grouping of matched pendants, some hardworking task lights, maybe even a statement chandelier. But lately, we’ve noticed a new light source hanging around kitchen islands and perched on marble countertops: the table lamp. “It instantly softens the kitchen and makes it feel less industrial and more relaxed,” […]

There’s a Very Clear Theme to the Art That President Biden Has Chosen for the Oval Office

When President Joe Biden sits at the Resolute Desk and lets his eye wander across the Oval Office, he’ll be able to gaze intently at Franklin D. Roosevelt. That’s because the 46th president of the United States has chosen a portrait of this specific predecessor to hang over the ornately carved mantelpiece in what’s arguably the most famous workspace in […]

Sex and the City From the Inside

Before Miranda Hobbs (Nixon) uprooted to Brooklyn with her husband Steve and son Brady in the last season of the show, she resided in a classic prewar apartment on the Upper West Side. As an accomplished lawyer, her taste was more upscale and put-together in comparison to Carrie’s boho-chic vibe. (In one episode, she snipes that her decorator stole her […]

15 Sustainability Terms You Need to Know

The former U.S. poet laureate W.S. Merwin, who designed his own home in a palm tree sanctuary he planted himself on the island of Maui, once said, “Our hope is not a thing in the future; it’s a way of seeing the present.” That’s a useful mindset at the start of 2021, as designers become ever more aware of their […]

Fran Lebowitz’s Life in NYC Real Estate

Fran Lebowitz is, without a doubt, a quintessential New Yorker. The famed writer, cultural pundit, and friend of filmmaker Martin Scorsese (they recall first meeting at filmmaker John Waters’s birthday party), explores that in the pair’s new Netflix show, Pretend It’s a City, which premiered earlier this month and covers everything Lebowitz loathes and loves about Manhattan, from the subway […]