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A New Book Explorers the Architectural Power of Memorials

A New Book Explorers the Architectural Power of Memorials

Few architectural works are as meaningful—and often as hotly debated—as a memorial. The structures have tremendous power, evoking grief, anger, understanding, and sometimes even hope. In his new book, In Memory Of: Designing Contemporary Memorials (Phaidon, $70), author Spencer Bailey explores and contextualizes over 60 memorials from around the world, examining the evolution of the modern memorial and the different forms they take, from landscape art to museums to hidden tributes. “What makes memorials fascinating is that, no matter how you look at them, they’re loaded,” writes Bailey in his deeply personal introduction. “Various social, cultural, financial, and political powers bring them into this world and, once built, such powers continue to shift their meanings and interpretations throughout time.” From Maya Lin’s Vietnam Veterans Memorial to Snøhetta and Davis Brody Bond’s 9/11 Memorial and Museum to Peter Eisenman’s Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, these designs have shaped our culture and our consciousness and become indelible parts of their locations. Read on to explore some of the powerful architectural masterpieces featured in the book.

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