The Most Beautiful Civil Rights Monuments in America

On August 28, 1963, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. changed the social landscape of the United States with his iconic “I Have a Dream” speech. In the wake of his achievements, we see modern champions of freedom taking their cues from Dr. King, organizing everything from peaceful marches for gender equality to forming organizations that fight daily for our freedoms. […]

Should You Do a Coffee Table Book?

“Well, I just enjoy the process so much,” enthuses Dallas designer Jan Showers when asked about her experiences in book publishing. Given that Glamorous Living, which appeared this past September from Abrams Books, is the third volume she’s launched into the world since 2009, there’s no reason to doubt the positivity in her voice. “I love putting a book together; […]

It’s Time to Start Planning Your Dream Rose Garden

Water: Roses require a diligent watering schedule during and after planting—especially during hot months. Water deeply once or twice a week, enough to saturate the root zone. Frequent and shallow watering will not meet the roses’ needs. Reduce watering when weather cools in early-to-mid-fall—though don’t allow the soil to completely dry out. Roses love water but will show signs of stress if they receive […]

These Outdoor Design Trends Will Dominate in 2021

The humble freestanding grill will no longer cut it, says Byers, whose clients are requesting fully equipped outdoor kitchens with fridges, storage space, and custom-built grills. The challenge, she says, is making them look like they belong. “Oftentimes, outdoor kitchens look like an awkward appendage in the landscape,” she says, adding that she favors the use of cabinetry and masonry […]

35 Never-Fail Wall Paint Colors, According to Top Interior Designers

Beiges Tiptoeing into a richer mineral palette, the beige color family promises pigments that are memorable without being overpowering. Billy Cotton and R.P. Miller lean into wheaty tones, with the former backing Bone No. 15 (pictured above, #1) and the latter choosing String No. 8 (#2) from Farrow & Ball. Others champion the timelessness of refined, shroom-y colorways. Grant Beige […]

The ‘Amazon Coat’ of Rugs Is Here, Rebecca de Ravenel Launches Home, and More News This Week

From significant business changes to noteworthy product launches, there’s always something new happening in the world of design. In this weekly roundup, AD PRO has everything you need to know. Business The Internet Gets an It Rug This week, the New York Times covered a little-known but extremely popular light gray–and–white rug—likening it to the infamous Amazon coat. The product, […]

8 Adult Board Games and Card Sets by Top Designers

Game night may feel like a cheesy activity of the past, but these designers and artists are making a concerted (and extravagant) effort to bring it back. From Jonathan Adler’s whimsical marble and brass tic-tac-toe set to Fornasetti’s ornate lacquer box of playing cards, these stylish-design adult-approved games make a case for turning the television off and connecting with family […]

In Daniel Arsham’s New Show, Greco-Roman Sculptures Meet Pokémon

What do sculptures inspired by antiquity, a series of new paintings, and Pokémon characters have in common? They all figure prominently into Daniel Arsham’s new exhibition, which opens this Saturday at New York’s Perrotin gallery. Arguably, however, it’s the pieces included in that first grouping that make up the star attractions of the show. And while their white and seemingly […]

Sustainable Furniture Brand Sabai Launches Buyback Program

Just a little over a year after launching Sabai, a direct-to-consumer, sustainability-focused furniture company, its founders are already looking ahead to the future—far ahead. As of today, the brand is introducing Sabai Standard, a buyback program for their sofas aimed at significantly reducing landfill waste while also providing a more affordable avenue for purchasing their products and making them last. […]