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11 Must-Buys for the Healthiest Work From Home Life in 2021

11 Must-Buys for the Healthiest Work From Home Life in 2021

For those of us who worked in an office building, our nine-to-five lives changed in March. That’s when COVID-19 sequestered us into our homes and apartments to do what we once did in offices. Our kitchen tables quickly turned into makeshift desks, while our bookshelves became background we didn’t know we needed for Zoom calls. But now that we’re almost a year (!) into this pandemic, perhaps it’s time to commit a bit more to our home workspaces. While vaccinations are (thankfully) within sight, we are still months (if not longer) away from life as we knew it in 2019. So why not make your life a little easier in the new year by investing in your home office setup? While our recommendations include a stylish standing desk and what we believe to be the best office chair on the market, we also leaned into those products that will help you relax during one of the most stressful epochs of our lifetime. Here’s to a happier (and healthier) 2021, starting with you living your best work from home life.

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