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11 Luxurious Bedding Options to Start the New Year Right

11 Luxurious Bedding Options to Start the New Year Right

It’s surely no secret that fighting over politics the last piece of pie with our families may not happen this year. Instead, most of us get to look forward to drawn-out Zoom calls and way too much takeout. We’ll spare everyone the eye rolls and won’t try to convince you to embrace the change. What we will do, though, is provide you all with a list of decadent bedding to keep you warm as you watch inexplicably awful yet deeply satisfying holiday movies. Nothing says “it’s okay, don’t get up” more than luxurious bedding meant to meet all your comfort needs. Go ahead and swap out those old sheets and shams you’ve been holding on to because a new year is on the horizon. From lush velvet duvet covers to a weighted comforter that makes you feel not so alone, we’ve rounded up 11 of our favorite stylish bedding options to refresh your sleep setup and keep you cozy all winter long. 

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